Moon Garage

by Boxwood

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released March 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Boxwood Hollywood, Florida

Loop artist, Boxwood, takes the art of looping off the beaten path and into new territory interweaving guitar, vocals and percussion to hypnotic effect. Far from being gimmicky, the loop pedal is just the means to an end. The end being catchy and lush, well-crafted songs, performed solo, with all the dynamics of a full band. ... more

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Track Name: Free Reign
I love you. Get up, get out.
There's a trove of words in my mouth.
Sift, scout, scour, search and seek out,
they are yours to take on the way out.

I feel you day in and day out
like erosion to some shit I made up.
Cavate, corrode, crush and clear out,
free reign to change me till in feels right.

I've given it all up for this.
Track Name: Solar Rays
Grab your bags and your towel, we're going to the beach.
On the count of three... ok, wait for it. Ready, one, two, alright, lets go. Hurry and dive in through the driver side and make some room for me.
Keep your head down low and put on the Beach Boys baby, would you please?

We're almost there, yea, you can relax, we've got three blocks and we're free.
Rest your leg up on the dashboard, let your head sway with the trees
The key is to drive like a tour guide and on the right side of the street.
We'll want souvenirs and silly hats and ugly shirts that read:
"Greetings from Florida"

Here come the waves
Here come the solar rays
Track Name: The Lost
Show me something, learn and I'll learn.
No, but instead you are dumbing me down to a science,
to a pattern of my likes, numbers you can manage, an easy fill to the drop feed. An idea of what I'm probably like, mapped out by my impulses.
You want to sweep out the legs but the heart's how you get through.

Sometimes I break, I ditch the cage and I experience a rupture of nerves in my brain, an epiphany, like a mutiny thoughts I've neglected to long, and I vanish in a few uncharted behaviors and the more you press the more it occurs. What I learn will confuse you.
You want to sweep out the legs but the heart's how you get through

We are this, we are that, we are the lost
Track Name: Let It
I think you want me dead you just don't know it yet.
You're smothering me to pieces.
We're up here on this cloud with a view
but the air is too thin to breath here.
Let it go

I think I'm going mad. I can lay down my head.
This conversation's dead but I can't close it.
I'm implying that you leave but I've got you by the hair.
I want, I need something.
Let it go
Track Name: Affected
As soon as I wake up my eye are shrouded in fake emergencies
coming from you coming from me.
Well, who cares, and what? Yea, sure, why not? Whatever it is, it's all got the same effect on my brain, it's all D.O.A. I am not affected.

Good morning, here's another shit storm coming my way,
panicking heads, visual shit, audible waste.
And someone's reaching, someone's digging into my skin, lifting me up, waking me up. Look, I just want to sleep. And I am not affected.

What is wrong with me? What's happening? This is not living. What is wrong with me?